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You can be happy by making your partner happy!

You can be happy by making your partner happy!

You can keep yourself happy by finding ways to make your partner happy. Watch persistently for ways to please, praise, and protect each other without expecting something in return. In other words develop an attitude of service. Serving your partner is a key principle toward building a solid marriage or relationship. This does not mean you act as a slave or a doormat for abuse. What this means is that you have identified that in order to have a great marriage or relationship you need an attitude of service and sacrifice. Its simply putting the needs and wants of your partner before your own and reaping the reward of their gratitude and appreciation for your efforts. Their response will bring joy and happiness to you and in return they will want to service you in a way that will allow you to feel  felt when you serviced them. Therefore allowing the happiness to travel back and forth while allowing the marriage to go to another level of passion and togetherness.

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Developing an attitude of service towards one another is a constant work in progress. Both of you should commit to spending at least twenty minutes each day thinking of and inventing ways that you can meet your spouse's/mate's needs.

Guys: study your wife/mate and understand what speaks to her heart. Ask yourself often if you are providing that for her. Become creative by finding new ways to love her, support her and encouraging her.

Ladies: Always remember to respect him. This is very important and speaks volumes about the love you have for him. Listen to him and his stories no matter how long they are. Engage him in conversations about his work, hobbies, and passions and don't interrupt. Empathize with him when he's unsure of himself and offer sound advice but let him know that whatever he decides you are there supporting him with love.


We are living during a difficult period of time. We are being pulled from every direction. Keep in mind that God created us to be together as one in Him so we can have peace while dealing with the ways of this world. Don't throw God's gift of peace, joy and love away because we don't take the time to tend the garden of our love. Our first ministry is to cultivate the garden of marriage, keeping it pure and holy unto God. 


Enjoy the summer with your family and friends but remember at the end of the day to make sure the one that is laying beside you feels loved!!!

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