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Where do I stand?

Some might say that I have been avoiding this and for those who are saying it they could be right. However in all honesty it was more like I really didn't want to face the issue or let it be known that there was an issue. But truth be told there is one and as a minister who has a heart for marriage then I knew at one time or another I would have to speak on the matter.

So when asked where did I stand on the current focus on marriage I had no other choice but to give my humble opinion and keep it moving. Marriage as we have grown up to know and understand is under attack. Many feel that things need to be changed and redefine.  They feel that what has worked in its essence since the beginning of man on this earth suddenly needs to change and take on a new face.

I cannot agree with this thinking but not for the reason that most of you would feel that I should. For one I am a minister of God. Which means I have been called into the service of the King for Kingdom building. Who's Kingdom? God's! So I must follow His Word and Will in order to so my share in His Kingdom Building. I have to believe that what He created is righteous and true. I have to believe that what He started in the very beginning to help man was the way it should be.

I must understand that when God looked at all that He had done in creation all was good except that man (Adam) was alone. He had a desire to be united with another of his own kind. Now being the Almighty, all Knowing God then I must believe that He knew what man desired in his heart. I must believe that God put man to sleep and created from him what would be his heart's desire. What would be his life's choice and then once it was done to the very best that man could imagine then more God brought what man so desperately needed and wanted right to him. Once God saw that the gift he gave man completed him that's when God looked at his hand in creation and said all was very good.

Man was so happy and content that when offered paradise to not having that gift from God man choose to sin and was thus put out the garden. So you see it was established from the very beginning that we needed to be in unity with one another. It was also established that once the gift was given to man that then he was to unite in a intimate way and multiply. Thus creating a family and keeping it growing.  

So what was the gift that God brought to man that would allow God to say that creation was now "very good"? What was the gift that would give man all of his needs and desires wrapped up in one? God gave man woman. As simple as that. Woman was the key to creating all that was missing in creation. This is what  God saw as something missing. This is what is needed now to create what is needed for this world to work together. 

We need God as our foundation and man joined with woman to come together as one. Man and woman to keep the world full of fruit in the sense of producing more children to grow up and come together to continue life as we know it. Thus God created the union of marriage with the man and woman being the key parts of that union. God gave man and woman this coming together as their first ministry which would be to keep the world growing with Him and in Him.

So RevLa you have said all of this to say what? You have never stated what your stand is on all this new attack towards the holy institution of marriage. Do you really feel that marriage need to catch up with the times? Don't you feel that all people should have the opportunity to love and be in union with the one that they love?

I will start with the last question first. Yes all people should have the choice to being in union with the person that they feel is the love of their life. I cannot state if being with same sex people as a couple is right or wrong. I can only go by what God has put in place. Thus I cannot see this union as a marriage. I can see that those who are in this relationship should have their rights met. That they should be able to come together with each other in a civil way that allows them to live their life in peace. But this union according to God is not a marriage.

Marriage does not need to change from what God created it to be. He knew what he was doing when He done it. He is an all knowing God. When He said it was "very good" then that sealed it right there. He put man and woman together so they could unite and become one in union with Him. So man's laws cannot change what God's laws created and sealed. Man can create another form of a union based on his laws but can not change what God established and then call it marriage. That will never do and I can not go along with that.

Last in answer to the original question "where do I stand"? Then by now everyone should know. I can only stand in one spot. That spot is the one that God put in place from the very beginning of time. That spot is with God and God alone. Many may not like my stand but that cannot be my determining factor. I have been called out by God to do His Will in His Way. He called me out to stand for Marriage as He has deemed it to be. So that is where I stand. That is what I teach and that is what should be. I have nothing against people wanting to love. I only know that marriage was and is our first ministry given to us by God. We who stand for Him must continue to unite in the way that He has deemed us to.

Marriage has never been an institution but a covenant between man, woman and God. You cannot have a marriage without God in it.




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