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The Happiness Animal

Everyone is looking for happiness. For the most part they are running around looking from peak to valley attempting to catch the elusive animal called "Happy". Many couples run down the aisles on their wedding day thinking "now I got it" I have finally caught that happy animal. Only to become discouraged the next month after the party to find out the happy animal got away and all you are left with is more reality of an unhappy life. Well lets clear things up once and for all. There is no happy animal and no matter how hard you try to capture it from outside you will never have it. Your spouse does not have a magic pill that once taken you will be happy ever after. That only works for the ending of a fairytale. Happiness is the by product of joy which is one of the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT. When you receive that fruit then happiness will follow. In other words joy will be given to you from within and come out as happiness. Both spouses must obtain this fruit before the marriage by spending time with the HOLY SPIRIT learning how to be the best "You" that you can be. As you allow the SPIRIT OF GOD to develop you into the person that you need to be then you can bring that character into your marriage. Likewise your mate prior to marriage should be standing before the HOLY ONE as well learning how to obtain the fruits as well. Once you both learn at the feet of CHRIST then become one with marriage then and only then will the fruit of joy permeate through out your marriage and happiness will be obtained. Joy will sustain you even during the difficult times and its by product happiness will continue to be apart of your relationship. So stop running around looking outside for something that is waiting to grow within. Stop trying to seek out people to give you what only God can develop in you. Remember we have not because we ask not. Go to the source of all things and pray for the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT. Then walk in your love, joy, and peace as you share your life with your beloved.

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