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Take Time To Reboot Your Marriage

In the computer world there is a term used known as "rebooting". This means to restart a computer's operating system. When a computer is overloaded it does one of three things freeze, shuts down, or crashes. To avoid this most computers experts simply reboot the system. As a married couple without daily work on your marriage you can tend to fall into a rut. Boredom will set in and before you know it your marriage is in a routine. Doing the same things in the same way over and over tends to bring complacency into the relationship. This will cause the marriage to simple freeze in place. A coldness will permeate the relationship and the couple will just remain in place. If the system is not refreshed then the marriage could simply die from pure boredom. Another way that the operating system of your marriage may overload is with constant disagreements without resolution. When conflict arises and as a couple you don't work out the reasons for the disagreements then your operating system breaks down and things simply shuts down. After the marriage freezes and shuts down the next thing that will happen is that your marital operating system simply crashes and can not be repaired or repaired but always has a glitch in the system. To avoid marital operational overload is to simply reboot your marriage. There are several ways of rebooting your marital operating system we are going to highlight four ways.

1. Giving and receiving

Marriage is a relationship where both parties must give of themselves. Giving to your spouse should be a choice. You want to think of ways to keep boredom out of your relationship by finding ways to give of yourself to your spouse. Your warm giving attitude will inspire your mate to do the same towards you. Before you know it both of you are giving and receiving each other's love and time. You become inventive with your marriage so there is always something exciting to look forward to. This planned effort will reboot interest into your marriage and your marital operating system will begin to work at a positive level.

2. Plan to love each other for a lifetime

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. From day one of your marital life incorporate Christ in your marriage. Allow him to direct your marriage and be the glue to hold it together. Join a marriage ministry at your church. Obtain a marriage mentor. Obtain books do the homework so you will know the pit falls that may throw stumbling blocks up that will cause your marriage to shut down. Seek counseling if necessary from your pastor or a good Christian counselor if there are issues that you two can't solve. Be determined to stay together by any means necessary as long as you have a Godly relationship. 

3. Avoid boredom by pursuing passion

Intimacy is our God given blessing in marriage. We must remember that and treat this gift with respect. We should never take each other for granted. We must never approach marital physical intimacy as only having sex. We must look at it in the way that Adam approached Eve in the early days of the garden. When Eve was given to Adam it was said that he "knew her", which meant the same as having sexual intercourse. However in the Hebrew language that term was "to know" which meant he didn't only know her body but her emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the physical. We can reboot our marriage by learning "to know" each other on every intimate level. At every chance you get pursue each other passionately enjoying the gift of intimacy.

4. Want to keep marriage alive and active

No one takes interest in anything that they are made to do. Its done only because they have to do it but there is no joy in it. At any given chance whatever you are made to do will be dropped as soon as possible. So with that being said we should want to keep our marriage alive and strong. We should rise every morning with thanksgiving in our hearts and on our tongue praising God for our spouse. If we don't value our marriage it will freeze or shut down and eventually crash and die. We must want our marriage to live so we must pray daily for our marriage and our spouse. We must want to do whatever it takes to keep our love active, alive and strong. We must access our relationship daily and reboot it whenever we see cracks in the operating system. 

Marriage is the only thing that God said was very good when he created the world. So we must not take this wonder and treat it like its trash. Give your all to your mate and monitor the operating systems in your marital life. When you see problems then come together and pray about the situations and just simply Reboot Your Marriage.


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