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Marriage out of the closet...we are in love and happy

I've noticed a growing trend. There are many married couples who are very happy in their marriage but afraid to let others know about it. That doesn't sound like such a big deal but in today's world when all we hear is the negative about marriage this would be a breath of fresh air. However many happy in love married couples are hiding in the closet afraid to let the world know that being in an God ordain marriage can be a wonderful relationship.  


All we seem to hear and see on the TV, news, talk shows and celebrity gossip is about who is about to or have broken up after "x-number" of years of marriage. We never hear a couple just sitting around and saying how they love their spouse. Even the average everyday husband or wife are reluctant to speak up about their love and happiness when it comes to their marriage.


Someone contacted us on facebook and stated "I love my husband". I wrote back and asked "what did he do for you to declare this statement to the world?" She just stated that he didn't do anything. She said that she wanted to stop hiding the fact that she was happy in her marriage and that they did get along. She said that they did have their share of the average marital difficult seasons but they had learned how to work things out while remaining happy and in love. That the both of them had decided that they would step out of the closet and declare their true love for one another.


I asked her if I could risk asking her husband if he really felt the same way? She did not miss a beat and before I knew it her husband had sent me an email. He just stated "RevLa I love my wife very much and I have gone on facebook and stated it to the world. I will no longer hide this wonderful gift from God. I don't care who knows this. My wife and I both would like everyone to focus on the God given beauty of the union instead of who couldn't make it and how hard it is. Or should marriage be for those of the same sex. Or should marriage be open or close to other people in the union. RevLa we are not there and we like where we are".


I would like to go on record to say that this is a young couple who have been married for 3 years. I know you are saying that they haven't put enough time into it for them to see the real reality. However they are not the only ones coming out of the closet. There are couples who are boldly declaring their love and happiness who have been together for many years now. Some of them have said to me (mostly the wives) that they really didn't want to appear as if they were flaunting their marriage therefore making other ladies who were alone uncomfortable.


I do feel for those ladies who are alone or not happy in their relationship and pray for them but there is no need for me to down play my love because someone else will be unable to accept it. As long as it is not done in a malicious way then just as I accept their situation they should except mine. We should be an example that God's institution does work and as long as we are His children and ask He will provide us with the same type of happiness as well.


So married couples its time to step out of the closet and declare your love for your spouse and your happiness in your marriage. Maybe then marriage will have a better picture in today's world.

I love my husband and I'm very happy after over 30 years of being one together in Christ. Guess what guys I'm out the closet too!!!



let us know how you feel about this

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