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Is there any good news about marriage in the new?

For those of you who have kept up with us for the past two years you are well aware of the new things that we have added to the ministry. We have a new section that focuses on Bride's fitness. We provide articles about getting in shape to wear your dress on that big day. We have also added the comic section where we take a moment to just laugh at ourselves as spouses. We have expanded our officiant service and have added the link to our new and improved officiant and events service website. While all of this is wonderful we have also added a section that focuses on marriage in the news.


We thought this would be a wonderful way of encouragement and focus on how other people are still enjoying being a couple for life. While in the very beginning I thought this would be so great and was so excited to look at news articles all over the world so I could find something that would be pro marriage. This month I became very discourage.


I had the hardest time finding anything positive about marriage. Every article dealt with some form of same sex marriage or divorce. There were articles about cheating and open marriages. There were many about how to get on after infidelity. I was becoming upset and wondering was anybody talking good about the union of marriage?


So I thought why not look up Christian news articles about marriage? Would you believe that I could not find one that spoke about the joys of being in a God centered union. They focused on cheating, recovery from infidelity and how to get through difficulties in marriage. I could not accept this so I went to the celebrities. Of course I found more of the same and just decided to just leave what I had from last month.


Then by the grace of God Ben Aflack and his wife Jennifer Gardner had there bouncing baby boy. Everything written spoke about them being a very loving family. That they pulled away from Hollywood so they could focus on their marriage and children without the influence of tinsel town. I didn't see anything negative and I took a moment to pray for them to remain in love and stable with the type of jobs that they had in the public eye.


Moral to this dilemma is that marriage is a creation of God and He will always have an example for us to see so we are encourage. Also we must pray for all married couples that they be able to weather the storm that has been raging against them. So there will continue to be "Amour in the News" on 2R1N CHRIST Marriage and Relationship Ministry.


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