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I Really Do Love Date Night

I must admit that even after over 30 years of marriage (closer to 40 than 30) that I just love date night. We found out early on in our marriage that date night was so needed. We married young, had children quick, had to complete college and get into the job market and home ownership. Things moved very fast and some days we really didn't see each other.


We discovered that it took most of our earnings to have child care so we decided that one would work days while the other worked nights. The beauty of God is that he put the right people together to do this. My husband is a day person and I'm a night person. So I worked during the night and was home with the children during the day and my husband was home with them during the night. This worked great for the children but didn't do much for our marriage.


We saw each other in passing. We missed each other and that's when we found out that we had to have a day that was just for us. In the beginning when the children were young we had our date nights every Thursday at home in our room. The kids knew that this was our time and once in bed for the night unless there was fire or impending death no one was allowed to knock on our door. During those times we had a picnic on the floor, played games, watched a movie as we cuddled or just rested in each other's arms. We always ended with physical intimacy but lets face it that was the highlight of the evening.


Now we are empty nesters. We only have to take care of the dog and each other. We see each other more than ever and we still have date night. Now in our vintage years we have become more creative with our date nights and its so much fun. With the invention of the smart phone we send texts during the day and say "I love you" in every language as a fun thing to put added spice on our date night adventures.


If you follow 2R1N CHRIST monthly you know that we have our Loveazine which gives you the monthly focus as well as date night tips. We have used these tips ourselves and I just look forward to what we are going to do each week. Sometimes we don't do anything but cling together and talk about our future dreams. At our ages you would think that dreams would be done but not for us. I think it has to do with our date nights. Many times we have our personal bible study time. It allows us to become more spiritually intimate with God as we bond together becoming one in Christ.


If you haven't started your date nights yet then I encourage you to start. If you need tips just click on the button on the website and we will send you our monthly loveazine. If that's too much work then each month we also post the loveazine right on the website.


 Keep the spice in your life and have fun. Date nights allows you to remember why you got married in the first place.

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