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Honey...what does love mean to you?


 a simple four letter word that packs so much meaning. We all have our concepts of that word. Many wars have been started in the name of love. Couples break up because they have different ideas of what love is. When asked you may get many answers. Some may say that love is a deep feeling of happiness. Others will say that love is an attraction. There are those who will say that its deeper than just liking someone. Its more than just friendship.


You have many who may think of love only on the physical terms meaning that love is a physical act. You have your bible scholars that will give you the meaning of unconditional acceptance. They will tell you that its a planned choice to love instead of an emotional one.


You will have yet still those who believe that love is only emotional or just intellectual or psychological. The thing is this when asked each person will have their own preconceived notion of love. Therein is where the problem lies. Most couples never take the time to find out what their mate may think love is.


When met with difficult seasons of marriage they result to thinking that the other is not showing them love. Many times that person is showing the love that they know and feel. Unless the other spouse fully understands what their mates concept of love is then they will never know if they are truly being loved by their spouse.


The bible teaches us that we have not because we don't ask. Such a simple thing to do. One day when you are not in conflict just relax and ask your spouse to tell you what they believe love is. Then you tell them what you see love as. Meet in the middle and always attempt to love your spouse in the way that they want to be loved. That is the choice in loving. Choosing to love your mate in the way that they would want to be loved.


Now the next time you are in a relax non-physical stimulating moment and just need to get your talk on I personally think that you need to ask a question.


How about this:

Honey....what does love mean to you?

 You never know it might lead you to that glorious physical moment afterwards!





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