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Get Intimate with commnication

Friends of Intimate Conversation

 *use conversation to learn and understand more about your spouse or mate*

*develop interest in your spouse's favorite topics of conversation*

*balance conversation: both sides have to talk and listen!*

*give undivided attention to each other by eliminating distraction like the TV and newspaper etc. Focus on each other and communicate!*

Enemies of Intimate Conversation

*forcing people to agree with you*

*dwelling on mistakes, past and present*

*using conversation to punish one another*


We are a couple because God has placed us together and we need to keep working on being a loving unit. Remember all the things that you talked about when you were dating. Revisit some of them while creating new things. Joke and laugh as you whisper "sweet nothings" into each other's ear. Play with the words. Create code words that only the two of you could understand and respond to. As we found this summer we could talk for hours about all the things we still want to do together as a couple. We also created some very funny "sweet nothings" that has brought us tremendous joy and togetherness.


Work on your "Love talk" or your "sweet nothings". Don't loose this part of intimacy because of neglect, apathy, or laziness. Remember being a married couple is a gift from God. We should not tarnish any part of that wonderful gift.


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