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Excuse me sir....but what is your picture of love?

As we approach Valentine's Day many people who normally would not think of love begin to do so. We see men standing in line at the nearest grocery, or drug store with pink, red, and white candy hearts in hand. We see them with roses in red or whatever color they can get them. Some look as if its a chore to be doing this type of shopping. Some look as if they are completely lost just there following the leader. Then there are some who appear happy and take their time to read each card to make sure it says just the right thing. Those men pre-order their roses in her favorite color. They call ahead and make dinner reservations and to make sure she has something sparkling to wear on her finger or around her neck. What makes this man different from those who are doing it because its expected or part of their duty? What makes this man appear truly happy to bring a smile to his loves face? This man has a picture of love in his heart. He sees his spouse as that part of himself that God created from his rib. That someone made just for him. This man knows that Valentines day is set aside to outwardly show the world his love but this man shows his wife that same type of treatment each and everyday. This man when asked what is your picture of love this man sees God and knowing this he sees God as love in his spouse. This man is a man of God. He knows what love is. Knowing that God is love and that He created marriage for man and woman to become one in Christ allows him to have a picture in his heart of his spouse that places her in the heavens. She is to be cherished as a great prize. As she devotes herself to him in respect and love he in turns gives her his love and respect. He wants to keep a smile on her face at all times. This man also understands that with love sometime there is conflict but it does not take away from the love. Conflict is worked on in a way that both parties are heard and resolution is maintained. Then at the end of the day its back to the love. In order for anyone to love they must form a picture of realistic love in their mind and heart. They must study the attributes of Christ and see what He gave up for His Bride. Once man forms that picture in his head and heart he can't see his spouse as anything but love. There is nothing that he would not do to show his love, gratitude and thankfulness to God for giving him this gift that's greater than any precious jewel that is on earth. So with this Valentines day just take a look at the men as they go about with their love duties. Note their non-verbal communication. You will be able to see those men who have a true Godly picture of love for their spouse just by their actions. Those men will be the ones that when asked excuse me sir...but what is your picture of love? Those men would look you in your eyes and with a smile on his face would answer...why my wife of course!!!


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