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Don't Fall into a RUT!

If you have been married or in a relationship for awhile its very easy to get into a rut. Even if you are the couple who have date nights after awhile you will notice that you are doing the same old things. Going to dinner at the local chicken or burger joint then going to a movie where one of you or both fall asleep and you have to buy the movie on dvd anyway. You may decide to just stay home and be together as you watch your dvd or cable tv. You may play the same game each and every week. Before you know it you just rather sleep on date night.

We understand that most of us won't be able to do exotic things like sky diving or traveling on an African Safari, if you can then go for it, but there are ways to find adventures in your own hometown and within your budget.


Do something out the ordinary; discover a new and exciting activity for both of you. Rock climbing, skating, snorkeling, line dancing in the park, bike riding on a nature trail, riding on a barge, acting out in a historic battle, well you get my drift find something that you can do outside that will add physical activity along with adventure.


Again one of the best ways to find a new adventure is to check your local newspaper and see whats happening that week. It could be going to a dog show, a chicken plucking competition, a Renaissance fair, or a watermelon seed-spitting contest. Let your minds soar to another level and just have fun. You never know the both of you may discovery a new hobby.


Remember being creative adds spice to your date nights and adventure will keep you in shape. Take turns planning your adventure dates and see who can come up with the best one. The winner gets to do anything that they choose during your after date love sessions.  After your adventure date stop and get a lite meal. Take it home light some candles and take a bubble bath or relaxing shower together. Have fun drying each other off as you talk about your date. Then sit down and feed each other the meal you brought home as you listen to your favorite music and just relax. End your evening creating adventure with each other physically seeing just how creative you can be.



As always end your evening giving God thanks for his gift of love then just simply fall asleep as you cuddle one another. Only you can keep the boring out of your date nights. Don't fall into the "do the same old thing" rut!!!

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