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Cupcakes, Sodapop, and Fishing

Its so much fun when married couples go away for a relaxing weekend of loving and reconnecting. The best part of it is when you start and end with a theme. During our Valentines mountain retreat of "rest, relaxation and romance we decided that we would repeat our grouping in April. Instead of going back to the mountains we wanted to go to the beach. The only problem was that the weather would not be warm but we would have the entire area basically to ourselves. We knew that the boys could not handle another weekend as we had before. They enjoyed it but made it clear that they wanted to be out and about. What they wanted just as much as us was a group Fishing adventure.


So we created a new theme. One that would embrace the ladies and cheer on the men and still end with romance. I have been working with a talented young lady who would be creating exclusive products for our webstores. I told her that I wanted a great weekend that would set the couples on fire. At the same time I wanted something sweet. We put our heads together and then came up with a perfect theme. Cupcakes, soda pop and fishing.


We had milkshake soda pops made in lovely scented candles....cupcake bath fizzies in enticing flavors that if you didn't know better you would want to eat them. We decorated the tables and areas with cupcake scenes. We had the candles and bath salts with small gift baskets of scented lotions and body sprays. I found matching lingerie that would make the men blush as it allowed the ladies to feel at the height of their sexiness. All the ladies had them in pretty pink bags with cupcake decorations on them.


We burned melon scented candles and had plates of real cupcakes in all flavors and soda pop. We produced a wonderful dinner and turned on piano love songs. Around the table was an assortment of fishing rods and fishing gear. We then called the men to come to the table. We had the doors opened and you could see the bay and see the waves and the smell of the salt bay air blended well with the melon scented candles. We had the guys full attention when they came in and saw their gear all around and a cupcake party for the girls.


That's how the weekend started and we had a ball. The men were so excited about going out fishing the next day that they came back with gifts for us. We each were given the cutest fishing rods in pink, orange and yellow. They lite up when you started to reel in the fish. They brought us hats  with matching tee shirts and sweatshirts. They were like little boys excited to be with each other and their girls.


Likewise the ladies got a kick out of playing with their cupcake theme as they opened their sexy gifts and we laughed at how and when we would wear them. We ate cupcakes and drank soda pop as our guys fished off the pier right outside of our patio. They became slightly upset when we turned down the music because they were enjoying it as well. So we kept the music going and the cupcake party going and just had a wonderful time.


Later that night we played music couple charades and just laughed and laughed. No one noticed that one by one the men excused themselves to go to the rooms. The ladies were having so much fun that we didn't pay it any attention. Soon it was time for the couples to retire and we notice that the men wanted the love songs to continue to play. When each couple went to their room they found that the doors were closed. The men opened the door for each lady and once the door was opened we could not believe our eyes. Each husband had gone to their room and set up the most romantic scene ever. There were candles burning all over the room. Sweet incense and plates of cheese crackers and fruit. Sparkling cider in grape and apple chilled.


The piano music playing in the background as the full moon lit the night sky and the waves hitting the surf from the bay. Suddenly all you heard in the entire suite was the sound of the ladies screaming with joy and surprise. Then it was our turn as we made all of the men go back to the common living area as we prepared. Each lady put on their matching tangerine nighties and called in  their husbands.


This time all you heard was the men making noise!!! Music played all night and we rejoiced in each other as we fellowshipped in the way that God created just for the married couple. The next morning the guys got up and made breakfast and then ran out to the fishing area with smiles on their faces. The ladies went to the boardwalk and road a group bike, took old times pictures for our great men ( all saloon girls with attitudes....ha,ha,ha,)we had a ball dressing up and laying on the bar. We shopped and had lemonade, cotton candy, frenchfries, and corn dogs.


The guys loved their sexy saloon girl pictures and we had more fishing gear waiting for us. We had a wonderful time. So moral of the story...if you want your guys to romance you then include something that they really like to do. Put that together with something that we really like to do then gather up some great married friends and plan a weekend to remember.


If you can't think of a theme then try ours there is nothing like:


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