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Being a great couple sometimes means being apart

Writing this post today seems strange because our emphasis here at 2R1N CHRIST is to promote marriage and relationship. So how can I say that being a great couple would have you at a place of being apart? Our bottom line goal is to establish all married couples to be individuals together becoming one in Christ Jesus. However in order to do that there are times when you just need to be a lone individual before you can really enjoy being part of a couple.

If you have been a part of this marriage ministry you understand that this is wedding season. Many couples are planning and taking that next step. We are elated and have been extremely busy. Not only that we have started our summer season of lectures and are speakers at many local and some out of town marriage ministries as well. We have started the next phase of our ministry which is to establish a social network that places God in the social mix and that is in its infancy stages so its taking a lot of work.

Let me stop here and have a quick sidebar: I must invite you all to become a disciple of the new social network FEELING GOD. Its two weeks old today and a great place to gather and fellowship.  sorry end of sidebar back to the blog post.

So to say we have been very busy and in that the regular everyday life of working and living we don't know if we are coming or going half the time. So a strange think happened last Thursday. We found out that a church who had booked us for their spring marriage ministry conference canceled. My long weekend of running around and being busy with the conference etc. was now gone. Driving home from work I had been noticing that I just didn't feel like myself in my physical. I needed something but just didn't know what it was. Thinking that maybe I needed to change my diet (which I do) I decided to stop pass this natural health store and buy some vitamins.

To my surprise once there the store turned out to have a wonderful day spa in the back. I had just missed the May specials (gee whiz) but their prices were reasonable. I set everything up for Sat. since I was free and then wondered what was I going to do with my husband.

I got home and my husband was sitting on the bed making fishing lures. He greeted me with the sunniest smile and then said " So we are free this weekend?" I answered him in the affirmative and he shouted..."great I'm going fishing Friday night and won't be back until the end of the day Sat."!. Then he looked at me and asked as an after thought if I wanted to go. I said no go have fun I have something planned.

Long story short the weekend came. He was away having a ball with one of our sons fishing and fellowshipping. And I was in heaven. I had the best "ME" day ever. I had the works and by the time I left I was walking on air and all was right with the world. I made it home had a light meal and picked up my computer to work only to listen to the Holy Spirit and put it back down. I relaxed and listened to music and just thanked God for the joy of having a day that was just about me.

My husband arrived home excited and beat but so happy. We looked at each other and knew that this day apart was so needed. We talked about each other's day and decided that we must do this more often. We ended up the evening in each other's arms more appreciative of the fact that we were together but enjoying that we could be apart and have time that was only for oneself.

Moral of the weekend. You must have a "ME" day every now and then in order to enjoy the daily couple life. Decide what you want to do and then just do it. When you come back together you have a mini date night where you talk about your wonderful time of enjoying yourself and friends if you are like my husband.

Second moral of the weekend....I've already schedule a repeat of my day in two weeks and have encouraged him to do the same.....ha,ha,ha....





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