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Autumn is here dates should be near

 Autumn is a great time to still plan dates outside however you may want to go out the house but do something indoors. So with that in mind and the fact that this time of the year is a reflective time it would be good to plan educational dates. Now please don't stone me just yet. These dates can be fun and you can learn something at the same time.


For example you could plan a date at one of the many museums downtown. You could pick one and then browse around finding out as much information as you can. You could have lunch or dinner there as you discuss your findings. You could then just stroll around talking about what you discovered or what you really didn't like. If you like art there are many galleries you could go to. As you brows you could talk about what you like and didn't like. You could find out more about the artist at one of the local bookstores as you have coffee or tea at one of the cute shops downtown.


The good thing is that this type of date will be either free or very cheap. There are many types of museums that you can go to such as trains, airplanes, old cars, sports, dolls and history. You could go to places such as Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, or Williamsburg where you can enter a time past. Play with it pretend that you are back there. Get into the dress, food and era. You can have pictures taken in the attire of the day so you can remember the date. You could eat at one of the restaurants that serve the same type of food that was eaten during that period of time. Some of these places if you have the funds will have places for you to stay the night.


You could also find information on the different sightseeing areas where you could go up in the mountains and over look the valleys. You could learn about the local wildlife and plants. You could go to Luray Caverns and experience being in a cave like dwelling and then obtain more information about the caverns.


Another way of doing an educational date is to sign up together to take a class at the local community college. They offer many inexpensive classes that last a couple of weeks or a couple of weekends. Find something that you both would like or you can pick something that would help you improve your home. You could take a class on money management or planning for your future. Classes on business that you two may want to open. It will give you something to do on your weekly dates and something to talk about as you study together.


One outstanding educational date night adventure would be to attend bible study together and then over coffee/tea discuss the lesson. Many churches are offering free sessions on many aspects of the Christian life. This date will allow your spiritual intimacy to grow along with your emotional and educational as well.


You could go in another direction with the educational date night such as taking piano or guitar lessons,dance classes, photography, computer skills, cooking or gardening. There is so much you can do as you take a date night to learn. It will keep the brain active and its great for keeping you young.


If you want to combined physical activity with learning you could take yoga, karate, aerobics, boot camp or work with a trainer. You will not only learn but look and feel good after the class ends.


Of course at the end of the date you could return home and cuddle as you talk about all you have learned on your date. While talking caress and enjoy the feel of your spouse/mate. This is your time. As always even with educational dates end it with your well deserved physical intimacy. If you don't ever connect together that way at any other time make sure that all date nights end in becoming one physically. Unless its a health reason and even then come up with some other way to achieve that connection.


Invite God into this time of togetherness with thanksgiving and praise. Never forget this gift of love that He has blessed us with.


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