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Marriage is a quest. A long journey to obtain something of great value!!! Our Father God places every husband and wife on his designed mission to do one thing and that is to lift Him up. We are to bring Him glory and honor as two people become one in Christ Jesus. That in a nutshell is our God ordained marital quest. Every couple has a story. Our individual marital stories may not mean much to any one else however it matters greatly to God.

Father God created marriage as a ministry to the man and woman that he put in the garden. This fact has not changed today. When we as a committed couple make our lives about Him, He then in turn makes His Life about us as a couple. The object of our God-Centered quest is to take back what our enemy satan stole from us. He has always been jealous of this union since the garden. As a couple we must fight together for and win the great future that God has already written for us.

Both parties of the marital union must desire to want more of his Kingdom. We were created for growth; this is true for our individual lives as well as our marital relationship. When we live this way (always growing) we're then looking for God to do more in the next chapters of our lives together. As a couple we should motivate each other to fulfill the mission of the "good and faithful servant". Our aim is to win the prize that God has for each husband and wife.

As a couple we are suppose to minister to others in a harmonious way that demonstrates Christ's love for His Bride-The Church. We must show how two can work together as one for the building and growing of HIS KINGDOM. As we grow together in Christ others will see and allow God to mold them into the person that will be ready for Him to present to or be brought to the mate that He has for them. It's up to God to bring man his mate. He knows what each man individually needs. Just as he reached into Adam and formed Eve, then brought her to him. Adam took one look and knew that she was what he longed for, even though he was not aware that he longed. Likewise He knows how to mold each woman into what she should be for the mate He has made her for. Once He has molded her into the perfect mate for that man then He will bring her to him for them to come together and become one.

So as a couple God has placed us together and no one can break us apart as long as we choose to place Him first in our lives individually and as a couple. This day and everyday pray together for your union. For those who are already married or those who are about to embark on this great union understand that prayer is the foundation of your quest to grow together in harmony. Pray for your union to grow in Christ's love and guidance. THEN SIMPLY MAKE A COMMITMENT TO INVEST IN YOUR GOD ORDAINED QUEST. As you give God your committed devotion as a couple He will grow your relationship for HIS GLORY.

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