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Date Night Tips for April

Spring cleaning and getting rid of the old and incorporating the new is on many minds this month. As a couple you already have your work cut out for you but that should not be a reason to forsake date night. In fact you will need some fun this month as well. 

So this spring we are going to have a month of dates where you will be deprived. What??? Who wants to have a date with something taken away??? RevLa have you lost it this month??? I understand your comments and would agree if I didn't know how much fun this was going to be. Just wait as I tell you how this will be done. Ready?

For the entire month you will have a date with one of your senses taken away. Before you start the dates choose two of your five senses that you want withheld. For example: you may choose touch, sight. Part of the purpose of this dating adventure is for you both to develop more trust with each other.

Flip a coin to see who will go first. That spouse will set up the date. That spouse will pick one of the two senses that will be blocked and will plan the entire date. The spouse who is not doing the planning will be the one who looses that sense and will have to do the date with that one sense missing. Remember safety at all times.

The next week switch places and that spouse will loose the same sense. On the third week go back to the first spouse and that spouse will loose both senses. The last week flip back.

Now here is an example of how this date could play out. The first week the sense taken away is touch. The date planned is to have a romantic candle light dinner and lap dancing at home. The spouse who can not touch will have to be fed his/her meal by the other spouse as he/she sit on his/her hands. (or if you want to tie them together, handcuff or whatever you decide. Just make sure you both totally agree on how its done and safety).

After the eating process without touching then put on music and give that spouse a lap dance or two. Remember that person can not touch during the dancing. Ok now you guys get the drift of the date. The next week repeat the same type of date but switch places.

On the third week add another sense lost. It would be according to the example touch and sight. Plan a date that will block out sight and touch. It could be the same thing but now you have an additional sense missing. This entire month of date nights can be planned for in the house. Or if you have a safe place outside of the home that is good as well.

Since trust is the key to this fun, wacky date month the one planning the date must remember safety and comfort. As always these dates must end with physical intimacy. Without me saying if this is done right you will end up there naturally anyway (wink-wink).

Remember to always give God His Glory for bringing you this wonderful gift of marriage and love. He is the creator of marriage and He brought it to man because it was good. Have fun with each other and just enjoy the love of your best friend.

Let us know how much fun you had. Also if you have any great date night tips then send them in and we will include them in one of our monthly Loveazines.

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