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A Marriage Not Just A Wedding

A wedding is just a day but a marriage is for a lifetime. Many couples entering into this sacred union never looks at the marriage they only focus on the wedding. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your union in a big way or a small way that is strictly up to you but remember that the focus should be on the marriage. 
There are some traditions where the wedding is more than one day. It maybe as little as one day or as much as a week however no matter what the tradition is it has a set amount of time to begin and end.

A Marriage for Three

How in the world can you be a couple in marriage yet have a marriage for three? In fact why would you want to be married and have another person in your marriage? On the surface these are great questions and make a lot of sense. However as a Christian we know that our marriage based on God's creation includes Him. In fact without God as your center than eventually your marriage will fall and die
Who goes into marriage expecting that the union would die? That to me does not make sense. You go into marriage expecting it to last for a lifetime.


Valentine's Day is coming and most of us have a focus on love. Recently my husband and I have been spending a lot of time together. This is really a first for us.

 While we are close to 40 years of marriage during most of that time we had to divide our time together with all of the other things that we had to do to maintain our life. 

You know what they are building a God center life and home. Working, raising children, paying bills, just trying to make it while we grew together as a couple.

Falling In Love Everyday

Being married comes with many rewards that most couples overlook. We have been blessed with a lifetime partner. Someone that we can have fun with and do things with for as long as we have life within us. When we approach our marriages with this in mind then there should never be a dull moment. We should embrace the fact that we don't have to be alone. We have someone that will be there to do all the things that we can to do. While we have a joint focus in our everyday living we must likewise have that same type of focus in our togetherness.

Staying in Love is for a Lifetime

People are falling in love everyday. Then you notice that after a short run they are out of love. More and more today I'm hearing couples who have been married less than three years announce that they are no longer in love. This made me wonder why? After all of the hoopla over the wedding and the honeymoon then the first year of marital bliss the real life marriage begins. This is the time when the gloves come off and the true face is shown. 

This is the time that the couple should dig in and become determined to grow their love and relationship.

What is Love?

What is Love?
This question has been asked so many times. Each time its asked you get a different answer. We have looked at love from the bible's point of view and we have looked at love from the world's point to view. From what I can see is that Love is the creator and like God love is pure, kind, and true. 

In marriage love is the glue that seals the relationship but it's not the only thing that keeps the relationship growing. Love in its purest form in a marriage is selfless. Wanting nothing but to please the other person.

My Spouse Bully or Friend?

 Who would ever think that their spouse could be their bully? As spouses you are suppose to be friends with each other. You are suppose to be together in love and peace. Together you are suppose to share your life for as long as you are blessed to be alive. However how many of us are living daily with a bully. 

I know some of you are thinking that will never be my marriage. My spouse loves me and will never attempt to push me around. Many times when a spouse is a bully the other spouse is not aware of it.

The Next Generation Still Wants Marriage

On our new social network Feeling God there is a wonderful young lady who has a diary ministry in support of marriage. Its called "marriage the next generation". She has allowed me to use her name in this blog. I thank you marriage the next generation for your support of this ministry and Feeling God. So with that said I would like to get on with this blog.
Marriage the next generation. 
Many are saying that marriage as God created it is dead. That we must embrace the new and throw out the old.

What the World Needs Now Is Love....Sweet Love

A great song writer Burt Bacharach
wrote a song called "what the world needs now is love....sweet love. It's the only thing that there is just too little of". I use to love that song. I was very young when the song came out but I really loved the words. I could tell that it had been inspired by God even at my young age. As we face all the worlds tragedies that have taken place lately I have seemed to be drawn back to the words of Mr. Bacharach's song.
I have never seen the world so hopeless and in despair.

Excuse me sir....but what is your picture of love?

As we approach Valentine's Day many people who normally would not think of love begin to do so. We see men standing in line at the nearest grocery, or drug store with pink, red, and white candy hearts in hand. We see them with roses in red or whatever color they can get them. Some look as if its a chore to be doing this type of shopping. Some look as if they are completely lost just there following the leader. Then there are some who appear happy and take their time to read each card to make sure it says just the right thing.