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All married couples travel through many seasons during the course of their marriage. Some seasons may make you feel as if you are traveling on the uphill climb of a roller coaster ride while others will have you holding your stomach as you travel with the speed of light right back down. Then there are seasons that you are just standing still waiting for the ride to begin again. All in all marriage is not a state of being where you just relax and don't put any effort into it. Like anything worthwhile you must put work and effort into it in order to make it last.

Marriage under attack or Not

Marriage as we once knew it is under attack!!!
 For some odd reason marriage created by God is no longer good enough. Now we have marriage defined in several different ways. There are people who are of the school that marriage can be with two people of the same sex. There are some who feel that marriage is no more than a civil union. Still others feel that marriage is no more than a consented contract between the two and whatever they want can be added to that contract even an infidelity clause.

When the going gets tough...we can always run...right??

I don't know if its me or just a coincidence but here lately every time I pick up a newspaper or magazine or listen to the celebrity news someone that has been married is breaking up. It appears that all their effort is put into planning this over the top wedding.  I have yet to hear that these marriages were built on the solid foundation of Christ. That they went into it making a vow and commitment that they would together work on it for their lifetime. Marriage in itself is hard, however it has to be twice as hard when you are living your marriage before the public man.