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Colo. gay discrimination alleged over wedding cake Colo. gay couple files discrimination complaint alleging baker denied them wedding cake via Yahoo News

When will enough be enough? According to this article this male gay couple wants to get married and went  to this bakery and wanted to have a wedding cake made. The owner does not believe in same sex marriage and refused their services. The couple is now taking the owner to court for refusing to do their wedding cake citing discrimination.

What To Do When You Think Your In-Laws Hate You

Most of the time we see where the spouse has a problem with the in-laws. Most of the time it's the female spouse dealing with the mother of the male spouse. They just don't click and the spouse that is coming into the relationship will automatically have a dislike for the in-law. However this post is talking about when the In-laws really hate the spouse. It could be the male spouse or the female spouse. So we are going to take a look at what you should do when your In-laws just hate you for no real reason.

Is Reality TV Good For Marriage

I have to make a confession I really like the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now with that said this season I have to admit that it really got on my last nerve. I'm going to be honest I'm not sure if I will watch it next season. Why? I was just not pleased with what they have shown me about marriage. First of all there are only three ladies that are actually married. So how can you call yourself the Real Housewives? Second the ladies acted like middle school bad girls. The older ladies who have been married or were married treated the youngest married lady really bad.

Did You Marry Your Soul Mate?

Have you ever looked at your spouse and wondered..."hum is he/she my real soul mate?" I hope not. But if you have or just want to make sure that you have the soul mate created for you by God then it would be great to look at ten tips that will let you know.
2R1N CHRIST has been blessed to have an association with a lovely couple who's ministry is leading singles to their soul mate. I love their dedication to the work that God had entrusted them with and just wanted to share some of the tips that they have developed.

Facebook and Your Marriage

 Do you think that posting about your marriage on Facebook is a good thing or a bad idea? While I feel that it's a great arena for positive encouragement, mentoring and teaching I find that many use it to brag or provide a false image of their union to make the world think that they are happy when they are not. 

I don't think its good to post on Facebook about what's going on in your household. We don't need to know if your husband brought you a new this or that. We don't need to know what you fixed for dinner or didn't.

Am I the only one who does not understand polyamory?

Now that I'm retired I have gone back to my up all night ways. I am a natural night person. I become more creative at night so I'm up at night working on ministry, business or my great American novel....yea the last one is a laugh. 

As I find myself up and my husband is asleep I turn on the TV just to have background sound. I have watched or should I say listened to some great cable shows and movies. I do like reality shows that have something to do with life, ministry, love, or business.

Where do I stand?

Some might say that I have been avoiding this and for those who are saying it they could be right. However in all honesty it was more like I really didn't want to face the issue or let it be known that there was an issue. But truth be told there is one and as a minister who has a heart for marriage then I knew at one time or another I would have to speak on the matter.

So when asked where did I stand on the current focus on marriage I had no other choice but to give my humble opinion and keep it moving.

Seek Before You Leap

Recently we are seeing people get married one moment and then less than three months they are filing for divorce. Many of these marriages are blasted in front of our faces because these people are considered famous or everything that they do is public knowledge. 
There was a time I would not feel for these so called celebrities. I would have thought that they got what they sort...fame. However now i know that people are just that people. We want love and companionship no matter who we are.

Has it come to this..we have to marry a vampire inorder to be happily married?

I am a lover of fiction. That is the best way for me to relax. To sit down with my favorite beverage and in my cozy chair. With my blanket with the arms already on it that way I won't get cold as I turn the pages of my book or press the bottom on my nook. Don't get me wrong I love reading the latest vampire craze. However what gets me is to see that the only way it seems that anyone can be in love or have a happy marriage is to be with a vampire.
I do understand the Twilight craze and True Blood.

Honey...what does love mean to you?

 a simple four letter word that packs so much meaning. We all have our concepts of that word. Many wars have been started in the name of love. Couples break up because they have different ideas of what love is. When asked you may get many answers. Some may say that love is a deep feeling of happiness. Others will say that love is an attraction. There are those who will say that its deeper than just liking someone. Its more than just friendship.
You have many who may think of love only on the physical terms meaning that love is a physical act.